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Saturday, September 21st, 2013

Holbrook Cove, Maine, USA

The Pride of Baltimore has some really hung sailors. Let me start that again….We departed Rockland, Maine at 11:30 today with a ship full of provisions and some really hungover sailors. For the record, I can still say that I have never been hungover a morning in my life. I woke up unusually bright, cheery and right on time, rather like when Snow White awoke in the Disney film. I think that rays of sunshine actually burst through the galley hatches to illuminate my smiling face as I beamed happy thoughts at my shipmates. It totally pissed them off. I loved it.

It was my understanding that we were to “mess about” with some other tall ships from the area before departing for Castine, Maine. We had a flotilla of tall ships with the Victory Chimes, the Lewis R French and Pride all playing together. It was really interesting to see just how maneuverable the French was. She was just sailing in circles all around us, just like a bee flies around a flower. The Victory Chimes was very impressive to see out sailing. I could get a sense of time travel when looking at her and seeing her sail with us and French. I really enjoyed watching the captains “play” with their ships. It seriously reminded me of boys playing with boats in a bathtub or at the beach.

Now I said “it was my understanding…” because I was a little surprised to hear that we were going to anchor with both of them in a cove by the name of Holbrook Cove, Maine. Granted, I didn’t actually hear that we were going to anchor, in as such as I only figured it out when I heard the command to ready the anchor hook and saw that the other two vessels were already anchored near each other. How I love communication! Luckily it didn’t really change anything for me other than the ship was going to sit fairly level, which means only one thing. I can bake! I took this rare opportunity to bake my mother’s pumpkin bars, to which I added dried cranberries and covered it with a lovely cream cheese frosting. The crew were just atwitter at the aroma and thoughts of these bars. The Captain was unaware of my baking efforts. The bars came out perfectly baked, level and moist! I was so very excited. I prepared a great dinner and was expecting an “All Hands” dinner, since we were at anchor. Much to my surprise, the Captain did not show for dinner. It turns out that he took the small boat over to the Chimes for dinner! I love that even in the middle of the ocean, trapped on a boat, I still cannot get an accurate head-count.

Dinner was good and as we were sitting around the Main Salon table, much to my surprise some of the crew from the French came over with a pie! I ended up sitting right across from the two cooks of French. Needless to say that it didn’t take long to start talking shop, complete with the full Monty tour of my Galley. Awesome ladies. Everyone wanted the desserts and raved about them. I served most of them up and only left 3 or 4 bars for the crew to snack on later. The Captain returned home shortly thereafter and came into the Main Salon. Upon entering he spies the pan of leftover bars and asks “What is this orange glop?” I looked at him and said, “The orange glop is pumpkin bars, but not for you!” and I whisked the pan out of his reach. The whole crew, including the Captain, though in shock, laughed out loud. He actually apologized and asked if he could have a pumpkin bar. While eating his three pumpkin bars, he said “apparently the cook is a bit sensitive about orange glop.” You got to love a good Captain.

Sweet Sleep All,

Kit Cusick
Cook and Proud Shipmate Sailing on the Pride of Baltimore II

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I love this entry and I love the orange glop. Even though I've never had the pleasure of cranberries with them. Well done.

by Annmarie

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