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Saturday September 7th, 2013

Erie, PA

So much as happened since my last entry I can hardly remember it all. Friday is a complete blur. WAY TOO TIRED to even think about blogging. Did Friday even happen? Hell, I can barely lift my arms up. I cannot even recall what I did! Something about a ship, somewhere…

Morning came early – way too early. As we are still in port at Erie, PA breakfasts are served at 8:30. So I get to “sleep in” as it was announced to me one hour to 7:30. OY! This is going to be the toughest part, I think. The bill of fare for Saturday breakfast was Pumpkin Pancakes served with real maple syrup, Bacon and Sausage with coffee and tea. Today is the last day for Kathleen, the outgoing cook, who has earned a nice long break. She is done, done, done. More done than a senior in high school on June 1st. She made the delicious pancakes, I did the bacon and sausage coffee and tea. Yummy! The crew ate breakfast in 15 minutes flat and I was left to clean up the galley. I got that done in just enough time to realize that even though we had discussed transferring responsibilities on Sunday after provisioning the ship, she was not keen to do lunch. Meaning either the lunch was going to make itself or I was going to have to do it. I had no problems with this, as an eager newbie, however I wish I would have noticed that sooner. I only had 45 minutes to make lunch and we had planned on making quiche. It turns out that I can whip a quiche together at the speed of greased lightning if I have to! My oven, however cannot bake fast enough for my liking, or my shipmates. Lunch was tardy, albeit 10 minutes, but I did inform the Officer of the Watch, as I was supposed to, and it was not a crisis as were still in port and not on the 3 watch system. In port the crew is divided into two watches, Starboard and Port Watch. Generally speaking all hands mess together when in port except those who might opt to dine out if they have the day off. The two watches take turns working every other day. As I am not a “watchstander” I am considered on every watch and therefore get to work every day, but I also get to sail whenever I want, providing that my duties in my Galley are not neglected. Long story made even longer, everybody seemed to enjoy the Caramelized Tomato, Onion, Garlic and Basil Quiche for lunch.
MMMM - IMG_0155

MMMM - IMG_0155

Lunch - IMG_0153

Lunch - IMG_0153

The Captain's First Meal - IMG_0154

The Captain's First Meal - IMG_0154

As soon as we had cleaned up, I was planning on starting in on the inventory of my stores. I have to know what is on the ship to know how to provision her as well as what I have at my fingertips when underway. Once this chore is done I will select my bill of fare for the next two weeks and make my shopping list. I need all of this done by Sunday AM in order to provision her on schedule. I got all of the storage in the Dining Saloon inventoried on my laptop. Outdated canned goods tossed and every relabeled and resorted out to my liking. This is a lot of work and many hours.
Dinner tonight was simple - PIZZA. Yes the Tallship Race Organizers had a pizza party for us with the pies delivered right to our ship. I had many hours of work to do still as I still have to clean and inventory the Pantry and the Galley proper. I ended working until 04:30. A 21 hour work day. Still no proper shopping list and I leave in the morning to go shopping. Cross your fingers for me.

I will officially take control of my Galley on Sunday.

Sweet Sleep All,

Kit Cusick
Cook on Pride of Baltimore II

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Hi Ho, It's Off To Work I Go

...and so it begins

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Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Erie, PA (still!)

My return to the Pride of Baltimore II was quick, thank goodness. I was back aboard by 18:30. Just in time for the evening group huddle. I was introduced to the crew and as it turns out I was the only new guy to show up today. I got a party bag of goodies from the city of Erie and shared in the crew brew. We have a can of beer on top deck by the name of “National Bohemian” from Baltimore in every port where we stop. It is the custom around these parts, so I’m told.

Moving in time. The moment of truth. Can I fit everything in the space allotted to me? Just barely! I have a very small and awkwardly shaped foot locker 20 tall” X 20” X 12”, two med cubbies 12”X12”X12” and three small cubbies 4”X 12”X 12”, three hooks and a hole in which to put my shoes. I also have a small laundry basket that is suspended over my feet. Sounds like a lot. Nope. I had twice the personal space at my last office job and that was for just my personal effects, not everything that I own onboard. I think that I got it all worked out and I started to celebrate my success when a awful thought hits me like a brick. I still do not have my crew uniforms, which when they come I will also have to store. Well dang it anyways. I will have to reorder my things when that comes but for now I have accomplished my goals. I found a home for everything IF I sleep with my laptop. Seriously. I gave up a warm soft puppy for a cold hard laptop. I'll take my Puppy, please.

Afterwards, it was time to explore the Galley or should I dare say My Galley. Well for now I will stick with just the Galley until I make it mine. This comes tomorrow. However tonight’s god awful chore was to clean out the “Refer”. Before you even start to envision this – too late, you already have and you've got the wrong idea. The refer is the refrigerator or what passes as one onboard this ship. On my wooden countertops I have two doors set into the top of the counter work surface with big honking handles that stick up, limiting your work surface, but I digress. One is the Refer and the other is the Freezer. The previous cook before Kathleen had over-bought bulk meat and they ended up turning both into freezers kind of. Bad plan. The current cook has been working on cleaning out and up the mess. Today was thaw day and we had to clean up all of the ICKY BLOODY watery mess. The arrangement is similar to that of a camping cooler but electric so you only have to add ice weekly. This was the nastiest cooler ever and Kate can confirm that we have had some pretty nasty coolers. Luckily there is a drain at the bottom and pan after pan of icky junk had to get dumped. There wasn’t enough bleach in the town of Erie to make me completely happy but we tried. I also had to bleach all of the packets and containers of food. SCARY. I dumped a lot but I had to keep a lot as well. This took hours, of course, with the food just sitting on the counter at room temp. Now as a newly certified Safe Food Manager my head was just spinning like a top. We are never playing this game again in my Galley. However, after much effort on the part of Alex the Engineer who was on duty that night and so responsible for Galley clean-up, and Seth the outgoing Engineer who was brave enough to work the drains for me, and Kathleen the outgoing Cook who started the project, we got it done by 23:00.

Please realize that I haven’t officially started with any duties just yet and we had that Crew party going on for all of the crews on all of the tallships, which was going to feed us dinner. I did steal away and go up for the fireworks. It is so nice that they have a 20 min display of fireworks all in honor of my first day aboard. I'm sure it was on my account. Yes, I got to miss the Crew party because I couldn’t let the food just sit on the counter rotting away and I couldn’t let Alex clean up my refer by herself. So I took one for the team, so to speak, and put my best foot forward. I am pleased to announce that it was noticed by Will the current Second Mate who is the incoming First Mate on Monday, who said that I would fit in with the rest of the team and that they were thrilled to have me aboard. HUZZAH!

I now have a clean and happier refer. Tomorrow I tackle inventory of everything and cleaning out the freezer and the Roetter, which is my cold locker, similar to a root cellar, where we keep eggs and buttermilk and things that can still keep at temps between 41-45.

Well, it is time for me to go and find some food ashore at the party. I have photos that go along with this but will have to download them to my PC and upload to this blog tomorrow.

Sweet Sleep All,

Kit Cusick
Finally the Cook on the Pride of Baltimore II (whose hands reek of bleach and yes I wore gloves)

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Home Again?!?

I got kicked off within 30 minutes!

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Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Erie, PA

I made it to Erie and my “luggage” did too! I arrived at the Erie Greyhound station at 10:00 Thursday morning. According to MapQuest I am .5 miles, yes that would be land miles away from the harbor. With me, I have a 49.7lb box, a 37.8lb box, a “sea bag” that happens to be army green with Korean markings on it and a laptop case that weighs more than I do. The boxes will get tossed (sorry mom) and the sea bag turns into storage and my clothes hamper. All I have to do is figure out how to get my things to the docks and where to put them during the day as the schedule doesn’t have them sailing in until 4-6pm. Lord knows that I do not want to lug everything all day but I will if needed. I will be able to see her sail into port. I decide to call the Captain and get his ETA. He is in port already and is going to send three crew members to collect me and my things! I love it. Within 15 minutes the crew arrive to save me. I successfully made it to the ship and now I need to get my stuff down the normally steep staircase/ladder. I was carrying the 50lb box and I decided that I could carry it down without assistance and guess what…..I DID! Right into the Galley. That would be My Galley as it was introduced to me. I had introductions with Captain Jan Miles, the First Mate Ben and Kathleen the outgoing Cook! Kathleen showed me to my bunk accommodations. Yes my friends, I will be sleeping the broom closet that is closest to the Galley. I get the upper bunk all to myself. I am sharing the “room” if you can call it that, as it is maybe 5’ x 6’, with the Engineer. She is returning crew to the Pride as of a week ago. I was kicking out one crew member out of my bunk, so his was clearing out and I cannot move in just yet. My stuff was stowed in a locker for the moment. I am one of 5 new crew members to be picked up in Erie. Do keep in mind that the crew is only 12 strong, so 5 new folks plus one returning one a week ago and the Captains are switching out as well is well more than 50% change in crew. Utter chaos could happen if everyone is not bringing their “A” game. I now seriously wish I would have brought at least my “C” game, but I had no room to bring any game.

The Galley – Kathleen only had a brief moment to go over the Galley with me. I was informed that the diesel stove is only used in very cold weather as it is also the furnace of the ship and gets too dang hot in the Galley. The other range I have is a propane stove with 5 burners, though all of it is tiny (think camper sized) – which is currently broken! The Engineer has already reported that a new part was ordered and she hopes to get it working by tomorrow. Scary stuff. I do have electric power – twice a day! The only modern convenience is an industrial blender (Mother – how funny is that) and an electric 12” skillet. No food processor, no mixer. I also found out that the Engineer is a vegetarian. I will have to ask all crew members about eating concerns tomorrow. I was also informed that I need to do a complete inventory of the entire Galley and Pantry (5’X5’ maybe and filled to the gills with shelving – no place to walk). I will need to ask the First Mate about weather before planning any meals. The ship is prone to rolling heavily (as it was just this week and things are a little messy at the moment) and I guess that you cannot keep liquids in stockpots or pans in rolling weather. YEAAA! I was shown the flatten tin cans used as shims in the oven when baking because the ship is almost constantly rolled to one side or the other. I need to info the crew when I am baking so that they will inform me when they are going to tack (change directions) so that I can shift the shim to the other end of the pan. It sounds a little like cooking at the Lodge doesn’t it? Can someone please tell me what I signed up for????
And now for the best part! I got kicked off the ship! I made it less than 30 minutes before being kicked ashore. Before bets are turned in…..I only got kicked off for the “Sail In” as they had already sold out tickets and could not take me with. So I left everything that I now own with me onboard and watched as they sailed off leaving me behind. I did have time to swipe my camera/camcorder and laptop before they shoved off. I did not have time to grab the cables, so you will have to wait for the first photos and video.

I adapted to sailing life quite fast – first matter of business when ashore, find a pub that serves food and has with outlets and Wi-Fi. I found Molly Brannigan’s Irish Pub on State St in Erie and got the best server, Krystyn.
I highly recommend them and the Pulled pork sandwich. I called home and started blogging. I have to head on back now to the docks to move in, get suited up (if my uniforms arrived) and head on down to a Crew Party hosted by Erie Maritime Museum! Much more to come as I can!

Kit Cusick
The New Cook in Town on the Pride of Baltimore II

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Off Like a Herd of Turtles

on the road again

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Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Cleveland, OH

07:30 comes early, and yes I know what you all are thinking – that’s sleeping in an extra hour as compared to my soon to be normal time of 06:30. It was my last time to sleep in and cuddle with a warm puppy for a long time, so I took advantage of it. Not to mention that it also served the purpose of postponing my packing for another hour! I got up and started my laundry, cleaning up and throwing clothes into my boxes. I had to leave 12:30 to be on time and yes I still know what you are thinking – on time for Kit what is this? Guess what, you would be right. I got out of the door by 13:00, so if I could drive the 22 miles in 0 minutes I would be ON TIME.

Well the Minneapolis bus stations is a pit – never go there. I felt a little awkward, at first, about traveling with cardboard boxes as luggage. There is no room for luggage storage aboard ship, so I needed something disposable. Great thinking huh? As far as I can tell there are a LOT of sailors leaving Minneapolis judging by the number of cardboard suitcases that I saw. I have never fit in so well in my life. I got a the best hug that I have ever got from Kate bus side complete with waving good bye, or was that good riddance, as the bus drove off. I have been very worried about leaving Kate at home. I don’t know why, as she is the one who will take care of me, I almost never take care of Kate. Still, not being there has me in a panic. Of course before I even get out of the garage she calls me with the news that her glasses just came unscrewed and the tiny thing is now missing. So blind as a bat, in a unfamiliar and unsavory part of town she will need to fend for herself. Great start, huh? She tore an electric cable apart, stripped the wire, took a section of out and wired her frames shut around her lens. I guess that I should stop worrying about her, huh?
So off I went into the wild blue yonder, doing back flips to find both outlets and Wi-Fi available at every seat. I got a bunch of work finished. I am now writing you from the most uncomfortable seat in the universe on a luxury Greyhound express bus but I am underway so it is tolerable. We are bound for Tomah, WI then Milwaukee, WI, then Chicago, IL then Cleveland, OH and finally, Erie, PA. Hurrah!

Journey to Tomah – no problems

15 minute rest stop in Tomah – mind boggling what some folks will order for a snack from fast foods places. I just hope that the crew isn’t expecting the same, cause it ain't never going to happen.

Onto to Chicago – no problems

Onto to Cleveland – no problems…………………………for the first ten minutes. Then POP bang, one of the luggage doors under the bus broke open dumping “luggage” out onto the freeway! For the record cardboard does really sail well at freeway speeds. It really gets some distance and can bounce many times before exploding. Now please don’t jump to conclusions. It may not be mine. We will not know until we unload in Cleveland and see what is left. Yes, they actually could not ascertain what was missing and what wasn’t. You bet that was an easy 9 hour ride, not filled with stress or worry or nothing. Got lots of great sleep. Thursday morning, I did finally get up at 06:30, not so much in practice for my new time table, but because I was still awake in worry. Go Greyhound Go. Did I mention that my seat also did not recline as promised? I got the only broken seat on the very filled up bus. All and all it was nice not to drive and pay for gas and what not. So if my luggage makes it, life will be grand.

I hope that you all had a much sweeter sleep than I did!

Kit Cusick
The Traveling Cook, Soon to be on the Pride of the Baltimore II

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All Play and No Work

otherwise stated as Pack or Die

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

St. Paul, MN

To get you all caught up with life since my last posting, I have returned from fighting for King and Country during the American War for Independence at 01:00 Monday morning. It was rather enjoyable to lead my men as Corporal, albeit just for the event. The weather was decent until the last hour during packing when the Heavens opened up and poured forth vast quantities of rain. I was completely soaked and wanted to complain bitterly, as is my custom, but decided that I had better just get used to it with my fast approaching sailing voyage.

Tuesday was a very busy day for me as this was my last full day in town. I had many errands to run, things to buy, visited with my beloved Grandmother, last sewing projects to finish, beverages to pack, silver to polish, Oh and in my spare time, I should probably start to pack some things. Please take proper notice that I said should. I didn’t actually say that I did pack a single thing. Just wanted to be clear on that note. Undoubtedly the major highlight was the Up Spirits Bon Voyage party that Kate and two dear friends hosted for me at the Rivertown Inn, in my hometown of Stillwater. Thank so much Eric Trosdahl and Larry Loyer for your wonderful hospitality and providing a splendid venue, complete with tall ships painted on the walls of the Reception Room. Truly a perfect setting for a delightful evening spent with a lovely collection of family and friends. Not to mention the Chips Ahoy cookies…wait I just did! I highly recommend that more folks go away for a three month tall ship tour just to get a Bon Voyage party.

"The Man of the Hour" or so I was told

"The Man of the Hour" or so I was told

The Send Off

The Send Off

So let’s recap shall we? I don’t pack in the weeks preceding my departure. I haven’t started even the day before. I party all night with friends and family and don’t get home until 1:00am. I am leaving in less than 12 hours, you might be thinking alright pack already, but no, I decide to go to bed instead. I always got a couple of hours in the morning right? Did I mention that I also need to my last loads of wash?
Sweet sleep all and thanks for coming out and playing!

Kit Cusick
The Never Ready but Really Almost Soon to be Cook on the Pride of Baltimore II

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Money Money Money

more prepping

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

St. Paul, MN

And the preparations continue. Today was spent running all over looking for supplies. I rather feel like a school aged kid heading back to school albeit the coolest school in the world. Upon reviewing my ever extensive wardrobe, I found very little that resembled “yacht wear”. Go figure, in the middle of Minnesota, one of the furthest points away from the ocean, not a piece of yacht wear to be found. Yet, I was surprised. Also no, yachting shoes were found. So a bazillion dollars later I now own yacht wear!!!

I now have to wear shorts….in public….and no these are not part of a three piece suit short combo. I cannot even tell you just how long it has been since I have worn shorts in public. Can we say fish belly white? I may be looking into tanning quickly, somehow. Scary stuff.


This just in. I bought sandals. For those of you who know me well, know that hell just froze over. My new goal in life is never to be pictured in them. Back to the regularly scheduled program.

I heard back from the Captain regarding some of my questions. I had inquired as to my allotment of space or lack thereof. He has mentioned several times that this is going to be “communal living”. Guess he wasn’t joking. I get, all for myself, a foot locker that is 12” X 24”wide X 24” high. If I am lucky I might access to two of them, but do not count on it! There is also very limited closet space that is shared between all 12 of us. I think that I might get like 2” inches of space. He also mentioned that most bunks have some type of shelving. As far as bunks are concerned, I get to pick from the upper or lower bunk in the crew cabin or the after upper port bunk in the focsle. Any suggestions???

Well I need to sign off now and go fight the good fight for King and Country in 1776 in WI. I am on my way to the middle of WI for a Rev War event. Bad timing, but my unit claims to have needed my Corporal skills or lack thereof.

Sweet Sleep all,

Kit Cusick
Soon to be Cook, Pride of Baltimore II

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The Paperwork Finally Left (Or the Saga of the Application)

or filling out more forms than Carter has pills!

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

St. Paul, MN

I haven't been this excited since the New Hire Packet arrived. I had my eyes and vision checked, my ears and my hearing checked, weighed and measured, turned and coughed (sorry I had to go there) and yes peed into two small bottles while under close supervision and that was just my morning! Heck, while I was at it, I even had my teeth cleaned. Yes, I was closely examined by a team of highly skilled medical professionals who deemed me "Competent" and "Fit for duty". HUZZAH! I passed the Merchant Mariners Physical exam. I am now waiting for the lab to send my drug screen results to the US Coast Guard and to my new employer the Pride of Baltimore II. They promised me that it would be released within two days and then sent by snail mail to Baltimore. We are cutting this close as the office must have it in their hands before I can board the vessel in one week’s time on Thursday. Now if that wasn't enough fun to last a whole day, I got the privilege to spend the ENTIRE afternoon with my mother and her business partner Liz at their office filling out the never ending forms. In total, 37 pages had to be completely filled out, checked, verified, copied, scanned, emailed and then the originals all had to be mailed to the office. I even had to write a bio for the Pride II’s Crew section of the website and her newsletter! I do not know when it will be posted, but if you are interested in “meeting” some of my shipmates, please check out this link. Many thanks to Kate, Liz and my mother for writing and editing for me otherwise I would still be there repeatedly jamming the pencil into my forehead. But after many hours, I got them off in the mail!

Speaking of pencils, I had my food class and final exam yesterday. It should be safe to say that I am now a certified “Safe Food Manager” in the eyes of MN for the next three years, and yes it is transferrable to Maryland! I also rediscovered, yet again, just how much I love being in a classroom setting. I just wish that I knew that I actually love learning things when I was still in elementary school. However I have to say that taking the exam felt rather like taking your SAT test. Tables had to be cleared of everything, no purses, bags, pens, phones or liquids. The only thing allowed was your good ol’ #2 pencil! I spent two hours filling in little bubbles with the dullest pencil in the 5 state area. The good news is, I normally take test and exams very well and I was feeling very confident with all of the questions except three of them. I know that I can miss up to 26 questions and still pass. While I feel great knowing that, it does rather make me wonder about eating out in a public restaurant. What if their “Safe Food Manager” passed missing 24 questions??? Anyways they said that they would mail me the certificate in three weeks’ time. Please start to book your appointments to come over and see it hang on some wall someplace. If you happen to be busy that day, I will understand.

Speaking of exams, I have more good news to share. This past Sunday evening I managed to pass my Ratings exam. This is a nautical exam used to advance in rank in the navy. For me, I now get the honor of calling myself a “Waister” in the British Royal Navy of 1812. Plus it looks great on a resume, should you be applying for a job in 1812. I will be bringing my books with me aboard the Pride II to study, in my non-existent free time, everything that I need to pass my next Ratings exam when I return back home. Onward and upwards to being an “Ordinary Seaman”. Thank you Captain Schifferdecker for all of your time, knowledge and support.

Speaking of seaman……oh wait never mind.

Speaking of tickets, yes I know that we weren’t speaking of tickets at the time, but we now are. I figure anything is better than speaking about semen er seaman. My point is I bought my travel tickets to get my butt to Erie, PA! I will be traveling via bus, departing next Wednesday at 1400 and arranging in time to see my ship come into to port! I will arrive around 1200ish and should be able to board her in the early afternoon. Should you do the math, you will find that it is just over 20 hours of traveling. The odd thing is, that I am embarking on a fairly dangerous position bouncing about the ocean in uncharted waters (to me at least) in a wooden boat that was effectually designed in the 1812s for three whole months and I never paused for moment to ask – is this a good idea. However, the thought of travelling across very familiar roads in a very modern vehicle for 20 hours actually made me stop a pause at length. No one can tell me that the bus will not be the worst part of the entire trip.

Oh Baby, put me out to sea!

Well it is time for me to start to think about getting to bed. I have been operating, albeit barely on 1.5-2 hours of sleep a night on average for the last three weeks. It is starting to catch up to me. Before you start in…..I know, I know, I know. Not good for my health, my body, my weight-loss efforts, I know. Blah blah blah. I just have far too much to get done before leaving. Plus I always have the horrible 20 bus ride to play catch up right?!?

Sweet Sleep All,

Kit Cusick
Soon to be Cook, Pride of Baltimore II

P.S. So I was typing this second entry sitting in bed, I got it all finished and was quite pleased with it. I went to post it and instead accidently deleted it all. So I spent another 1.5 hours of trying to recover it and another .5 hour just fuming that I couldn’t save any of it except the first two sentences, which needed to be edited badly anyways. So everything that you just saw in my second entry had to be rewritten. Another painful lesson learned. I hope that I can cook better than I can get ready to cook!

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It is Really Happening!

The day that I got my "New Hire" packet!

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

St. Paul, MN

It came today! I had been waiting for the new hire paperwork to arrive since I got "The Call" last Tuesday. Holy Hannah is it thick. Mostly all sort of forms to fill out and send back ASAP. I had to get fit for my uniforms; apparently I have six different uniforms that are being provided to me! One of them is the "Yacht Club" dress uniform, consisting of the navy blue blazer with nifty embroidered patch on the pocket of the crest of the Pride of Baltimore and the word "Crew" under it. I can hardly believe that I am soon to be considered part of an actual crew of sailors. The blazer is paired with khakis and a blue dress shirt "garnished" with the official Pride of Baltimore II neck tie. The ensemble is completed with a pair of boat shoes. All provided by the Ship. Yuppie-ville here I come! I love it. I also get undress uniforms of varying levels, cold weather gear, and an oil-skin for wet weather. The Crew Handbook also states that they have a dress code for messing in the Dining Saloon. I think that I can get used to this.

However, The Handbook also states that I have to wake every day at 0630, start cooking and then wake the Captain and the Crew at 0715, leaving them 15 minutes to dress from breakfast which is to be served promptly at 0730. We have 30 minutes to break our fasts before the work day begins at 0800. 7 days a week. Did I mention the 0630 part??? I can only assume that means that I need to be in bed before 0600, which I haven't done in nearly 3 weeks. I think that might be the hardest part of this experience. I am such a night owl and always have been, but it will be so very worth it.

In prepping for this trip, I needed wanted to buy a laptop and video recorder, both of which came home today. In fact I am writing my first blog entry on the new laptop! Tomorrow (later today if you read the paragraph above and notice the time that I am writing this) I have my cooking certification test. Please cross your fingers for me. I need to sign off for now and cram for the test that starts in 6 hours. I should also sleep at some point.

Sweet Sleep All,

Kit Cusick
Hopeful Cook, Pride of Baltimore II

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