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Cassiopeia, for the Girl that I Love

Cellular Service Ahoy! Oh and some land too

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In transit to Newport, RI – Goat Island, Newport, RI
Friday, May 23rd, 2014

I really slept like a baby this time. I woke up every hour on the hour screaming. I had nightmare after nightmare, so I should be fighting for Morning Watch at 04:00 – 08:00 right? I surprisingly wasn‘t tired at all and was able to get myself up when I got my wake-up call. At 03:30. Thank God for my Isagenix E-shot. It kept me going all morning strong. The weather was damp and quite chilly, so I am quite glad that I was able to scrounge up proper foul weather gear for this transit. I definitely look the part of a sailor this morning. As I took the deck the off going C Watch gave us their report of utter darkness out but other than that not too much going on. In the time that it took to have me relieve James at the helm, the entire heavens appeared and glittered with a full set of stars complete with a brilliant crescent moon. C Watch was not impressed but mentioned that of course this would happen as I took the deck. If you got it, you got it, right?!? And this sailor boy seems to have it this trip!

I had the helm for the first hour, and was relieved by the Capt. in the second hour, just in enough time for me to go and do the hourly boat check. I loved the fact that I was able to navigate by the stars. I was using Cassiopeia as a guide with the starboard shroud. I smiled with the thought that I was using that constellation as a guide to head back home for it is the initial of my girl back home. I reflected back on the memories of her teaching me about that constellation at the MN Renaissance Festival, where we first met almost 20 years ago. The sea is a wonderful place to reflect on the bigger picture. And before I get myself into trouble, I am aware that Cassiopeia is named after a vain Queen in Greek mythology, however I associate the constellation with Kate because it looks like her initial “W” and she introduced it to me, not because I think that she is a vain queen.

I took back the helm for the third hour so that the Capt., who was interested in making breakfast, could go and do so and have it ready by 07:30. I remained at the helm for the balance of the watch. I watched an amazing sunrise. I loved it and I got part captured on my camera. Bonus points to me. It was a very quiet and peaceful watch and I am glad that I could spend three hours, of my last full watch, alone on the deck contemplating my life and how I fit in with the universe.

My time spent before lunch was whale watching, as we saw quite a few Humpback whales about ½ mile away from the ship. I think that I even got some on camera for once! Totally mind blowing to see them play about, as much as whales play about that is. This was the first time that I saw their flukes (tail fins) up in the air and then slapped down on the water surface. This last day at sea sure has been both eventful and completely uneventful. So very pleasant.

16:00 – 18:00 My final watch of the voyage is the First Dog Watch. I was elated when the Capt. said that he was planning on always cooking dinner, unless I was jonesing to do so. I TOTALLY wasn’t. He said that I had earned the right to stay up on deck and take the helm for the final two hours. It was freezing cold and very windy, which would have been wonderful – IF we wanted to sail the completely opposite direction. Motor it is and straight into the wind to boot. I know that sailing could have been possible, if we had all the time of the world, but we all wanted to get to land ASAP. I have noticed that the end of every trip, folks just want to get home in the worst possible way. I am no different, at least in this regard.
Some of us need to get back to hear about possible career options (no word), and some others, whose name I shall not mention (James) needs to get to land to register for his college Major. The program stops accepting requests at midnight. We are due in around 00:15. In my best Mr. Kepler impression, I laughed and laughed and laughed on that. Been at sea for days and it comes down to mere mintues. I got some lovely photos of James, whose name I shall not mention, sitting in the cockpit with his laptop on his lap waving his phone ever head and pleading for cell service. It is always nice to get away and leave it all behind, right? He managed to successfully register as we passed Block Island.

I have to say that it sure felt great to see land again. We managed to pull in to Goat Island Marina and stow the boat shortly before 23:00. At 23:01 we had ran to the nearest pub and drank until close upon which we staggered back to the ship. Surprising none of us over indulged at all. Rumor has it that after we clean the entire ship, inside and out tomorrow we will get the rest of the day off! I was also informed that my travel home will be first thing Sunday morning!

Kit – The Deckhand and Shore Bound Sailor

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