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The Day of Vacation from Paradise

I finally realize that I am in the South

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Beaufort, NC
Monday, May 19th, 2014

We have the day off today. All of it. The whole day! It is hard to keep your perceptions of life in balance when you are granted a day off from sailing and you go to town, when the rest of the world is dying for a day off from town so that they can go and spend a day on a boat sailing. I am still thinking that I have it right and some other folks may want to reexamine their world.

So to recap my Monday. I slept in till 10:30. Woke up with the sun streaming in the overhead hatch that is wide open with a gentle breeze blowing in off of the ocean. I can hear the sounds of sea gulls, shrimping boats and the waves hitting the side of my ship. I can smell the sweet smell of the salty ocean from my rack. I could never do this on Pride, but I sure can here. After dressing myself, one of the other deckies, James invites me to walk into town with him. I am always up for companionship, especially that of a shipmate, so off we go.

The walk into the small town of Beaufort is only about 20 minutes. Beaufort was listed as the second best small town in America by some person at some time and after my tour of it, I can certainly see why. The houses are really well kept for the most part and ALL of them are really old. I mean really, really old. A good number of them predate our country! The oldest house I came across was built in 1730. Friends that is half a century before this country was founded! And we found a couple of them from 1730. The most modern house on this part of town was from the 1920’s. In one block houses ranged almost 200 years. I was in 7th heaven. Photos to follow when I get to a better internet connection.

James and I checked out two different cemeteries He was very interested in hearing my knowledge on older styles of grave markers and this history of the different military markers. It was during this discourse that I looked around and was completely shocked to see dozens and dozens of little confederate flags flying all over the cemetery, just like you see the American flag flying at the cemeteries back home. Home for James in NY, by the way, so he was just as shocked as I was. As I do not reenact the American Civil War as a soldier, I am very unaccustomed to see this flag fly free. On the side of awesome car, perhaps, but not just flying. I totally transported me to the ”South”, which was fairly odd as I was already in the South. I forgot to mention that the other night back in Charleston, we all went out for some Southern cooking and went to a lovely BBQ joint. I bring this up as again James and I discovered and was equal shocked to see the 10 Commandments printed on the sides of the beverage cups. I assumed that it would be some spin off, like the 10 Commandments of eating BBQ or something along those lines. NOPE. It was the 10 Commandments as God intended. Got to love the South.

We also check out the Maritime Museum. A great little place. I particularly enjoyed seeing the exhibit on outboard motors as they had a reproduction of a home repair shop that looked just like my Grandfather’s shop. Lots of old motors, like a 1.7 hp Evinrude or a 4 hp Johnson. All of which I fondly remember. They even had a classic 1956 Barbour speed/fishing boat that looked very much like his. Smiles all around.

I spent some time with James going over his knot work. Sure feels odd to be the one teaching folks about sailing as I am still learning everything myself. But I guess they always say that teaching is the best way of learning anything. So James, to you I will tip my hat and say thank you for the invite out, to wonderfully refreshing discourse and for the chance to teach you and therefore learn things myself.

This evening was spent hard at work on my resume. I have a lead for what could be a wonderful career back home in St. Paul. I have internet connection here in port, but will lose it in the morning until we land in Newport, RI in 4-5 days. Because of having it tonight, I was able to send back and forth my resume to a hard working team back home consisting of Kate, my Mother, Liz and Sally!!! Thanks to them I now have a fairly great resume that I am proud to submit. As much work as it was, it was still a delight to do as I got to do it sitting on the deck of my ship at sunset. There are worse places to do office work, right?

Signed, Kit – The Deckhand and Hopeful Employee

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Sounds like a GRAND trip, Kit. Please don't drop your laptop!

by Patti

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